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After clicking the upload button, please do not navigate away from this page until the page is automatically refreshed with the confirmation message that data upload has been completed

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If the component pictures show large variation in lighting, you can enable the relighting option to smooth over the color variation. Default is not to perform relighting in building the panoramic picture.

Please note that for photo upload, the Web-based UI uses HTML5 multiple-file-selection mechanism to select multiple input files simultaneously for upload. To select multiple files, use the browse button to navigate to the directory where the image files are and then either (1) drag the mouse pointer over the images to select them, or (2) hold down the control key and click the left mouse button over an image to select it, and repeat this step for all input images. This multiple-file-selection mechanism should work with all modern-day browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari. Support for HTML5 on mobile platforms is fluid and multiple-file-selection may or may not work for your mobile devices.

Click the upload photos button to submit the job for processing

Please check out our FAQ for useful hints on how to take pictures for building panoramic photos.